Fotograaf: Abdelmoula Belabid

Thank you Coventry!

What a journey the past 3 years have been! 26th August 2014 was the day I got on a plane to Birmingham with 1 big suitcase and 1 big dream. Living in England to skate with my Russian coaches in Coventry. I left home with the intention of staying in Coventry for 1 year, but that 1 […]

ISS Summer Camp Austria 2015 - Vlog - Sterre van der Gouw

ISS Summer Camp Austria 2015 ‘Vlog’

Here it is! My vlog of the skating camp from last summer in Austria, with ISS (International School of Skating). The skating camp was a week. During the camp I tried to film as much as possible. When I got home and watched all the videos I made, I realized I had a lof of footage. So […]